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Follow the Winners The Twelve Steps

In Reverse

12. Having detached ourselves spiritually as a result of ignoring these steps,
we let our fellow alcoholics fend for themselves and practiced these principles sporadically.

11. Let our conscious contact with God as we undersood him lapse
by praying only in emergencies for our will to be carried out.

10. Slacked off on personal inventory and when we were wrong, denied or hid it.

9. Reasoned that no one had been hurt by us more than we had been hurt by them
and called it even.

8. Made a game of rationalizing the harm we had done others.

7. Sang "I've Gotta Be Me".

6. Decided that our defects of character were too much fun to give up.

5. Denied to ourselves, to God and to everybody else that we had ever done anything harmful.

4. Quickly cast a weak flashlight over our moral history.

3. Made a decision to keep our will and our lives totally in our own control.

2. Came to believe that since our troubles were of our own making,
we would have to solve them without outside help.

1. We decided that we could control alcohol, that our lives were manageable.

Kelly B., Altamont, NY
September 2001 Grapevine
We are not cured of alcoholism.
What we really have is a daily reprieve
contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition.
Big Book pg. 59