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For residents and visitors in the Rochester, Minnesota area,
information on alcoholism and addiction recovery.

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Some favorite short pieces, some serious and some light, regarding recovery.
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There is a great deal of excellent information and support on the web: meetings, chat, forums, read the big book, listen to speaker tapes, ...
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RochRecovery is out of the meeting list business! All the fellowships now have excellent web presence. If there is a need, we'll put up a list of links.

Twenty years ago there were no online meeting lists, paper meeting lists were hard to find, and accurate meeting lists were nonexistent. So this site was put up for visitors, newcomers and local treatment centers. Thought it would last a year or two...

AA has taught me that I will have peace of mind
in exact proportion to the peace of mind
I bring into the lives of other people...
Big Book pg. 551
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